I started making knives 15 years ago. There were some previous attempts, but in 2008 the first fully finished knives were created. A year later, there were already standard models. The first one was EDC, then Small Hunter, Drop Point, and Butchie. Until now, it was my part-time job. I made knives when time and circumstances allowed. The place of creation and equipment changed. I gained experience and skills. Recently, the pandemic and its consequences in my personal life interrupted my activity for almost 3 years. Last year, I decided to come back.

I’m coming back, but I’m changing the rules. Now knives will be an important and time-consuming element of my life. What will change? First of all, the regularity of creation. There will be more knives. A lot more. There will be old, proven models and new standard ones. There will also be unique pieces. New types of steel will appear in all models. Knives will be divided into groups, but I will provide details later.

There will be changes in the workshop. There will be several new devices already in this anniversary year. One is already in operation. All investments will have two goals – improve efficiency and raise quality. There are many plans, and they will be spread over time.

There will also be more information about knives, what I do and what I plan. About how I do it and why. About where I get my inspiration and knowledge. What excites me and what I want to convey to you. There will be more AB on the internet. Regularly.

And in the anniversary year, there will be a series of old models in top materials. Made with special care and finishing. Appropriately marked knives will be available online and at exhibitions.