My name is Wojciech Zawada, On the internet forums I am known as wojtas13. Acoustic Blades is the peak of my “sharp” passion. Why Acoustic Blades? My day job is relatet to sound, and every aspect of knife use is connected to sounds. Whether it’s a sound of fabric being cut, sound of knife on the sharpening stone, or characteristic “click” of a kydex sheath. Every use of a knife is accompanied by sounds. So Whatever your cut is, …it’s acoustic.

Knives accompanied me since I can remember. First, as the most basic and handy tool, later also as an object of my collectors hobby. I’m trying to join all my experiences in my products. Most important thing in the process of making is the project. It have to have a harmony between functionality, form and used materials.


My knives are available in two options of finish. Knives marked as “Tool Knife” – “TK” are machine finished, handle materials are basic. These tools are made specifically for work. Other knives are hand fished and have higher quality materials for a handle. But they remain fully functional as tools.

I make kydex sheaths to custom order. Please contact me via email:  wojtas13@acousticblades.pl.

I’m using an industrial grade anti corrosion layer for my blades. It is also available as a separate service for knives from other vendor. For more information please contact me via email: wojtas13@acousticblades.pl.

To place an order for a custom knife please contact me via email: wojtas13@acousticblades.pl.

I don’t accept custom orders for a knives that are not listed in the “Knives ->Available” section. If you wish to customize one of my existing projects or want to discuss your own idea please write to me. Maybe I can help you.

Knives are shipped via Polish National Mail. Costs will be presented during order process and are dependent on the knife itself (insurance/size/weight). International shipping is also available.



Po co wiercę?

Nóż jest narzędziem, które można łatwo opisać podając kilka parametrów. Jednym z nich jest masa. Moim zdaniem i lżejszy nóż tym lepiej. Nie ma sensu dźwigać zbędnych kilogramów. Nóż ma ciąć, nie rąbać.


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Wojciech Zawada
M. wojzaw13@gmail.com
T. +48 604 832 976